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Business Coaching
Business Coaching can be applied to both individuals and teams at any level within an organisation to help both employees and the organisation grow and become more effective. As Businesses grow and expand employees who have always been loyal and hard working can get stuck in old routines which are no longer productive or appropriate. Organisations have also found that the personality styles of some employees can impact negatively on their relationships with peers, staff and clients. In situations like this, coaching can be used as a mechanism to help an individual or team to develop a greater level of self-awareness and become more attentive which serves to maximize performance and improve overall job satisfaction and retention.
While most business coaching applications until recently were in larger firms and organisations, there is an increasing trend for smaller companies, the self-employed, and professionals to use business coaching in order to attain greater business and personal effectiveness.
  Course Outline:
• Goal Setting
• Role Clarification
• Communication and Influencing Skills
• Improve Management Systems
• Improve Team Dynamics/Working Relationships
• Managing Change
• Work/Life Balance
• Increase Productivity
• Emotional Intelligence
• Career Dissatisfaction
• Career Progression – where to go
• Dealing with Conflict