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Training Courses
This programme is designed for potential Supervisors/Team Leaders. We all know how difficult it can be to move from working alongside people to managing them. This course will prepare attendees for a Supervisor/Team Leaders role by helping them with the transition from being a member of the team to being in a supervisory role.
  Course Outline:
• Understanding The Role of the Supervisor/Team Leader
• Planning & Organising
• Time Management/Delegation
• How to Influence Others Effectively
• Coaching for Top Performance
This programme is designed to provide Supervisors/Team Leaders, with the skills to effectively manage their people. Attendees will gain an invaluable insight into the knowledge, skills and attitudes that competent managers need. These skills and practical methods will help you to communicate effectively with your staff; ensuring a motivated productive team.
  Course Outline:
• Understanding The Role of the Manager
• Developing Your Team
• Providing Constructive Feedback
• Recognition & Reward
This programme is designed for managers who wish to enhance their skills in motivating and dealing with people. It will help them discover the behaviour and skills necessary to improve team performance. Equipping attendees with the skill to deal with the more complicated facets of managing a team whilst keeping everyone motivated.
  Course Outline:
• Understanding The Role of the Manager
• Performance Management
• Building Motivated Teams
• Emotional Intelligence
• Managing Conflict
The pressure to perform often drives teams to make fast decisions and communicate in short-hand, thinking all along that doing so gets them better team performance. Unfortunately, in the effort to speed up and deliver, teams get bogged down and deliver what doesn't really matter. Team effectiveness and performance means collaboration, not individual competition - there is no ‘I’ in team. Inferior teamwork skills reduce a teams ability to produce great results. High-performing teams deliver great results because great team dynamics are the engine behind what they do. Team dynamics fuel the engine of team performance
  Course Outline:
• Understanding Team Structure & Development
• Characteristics of successful teams
• Team Dynamics
• Effective Communication
• Emotional Intelligence
• Goal Setting